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Why I use Traffic Authority to build my email marketing list

As an Online business owner building an email marketing list, I understand the importance of building a customer base. My email marketing list are my customer base and the success of my email marketing business depends on several things.

1: The amount of people I have on my email marketing list.

2: The quality of those people on my email marketing list.

I have tried and tested many different paid lead/traffic sources online in order to grow my email marketing list and Traffic Authority is the one that I was most pleased with. So much so, that I decided to sign up as an affiliate and promote their products.

So, why am I certain Traffic Authority is better for building an email marketing list than Solo Ads?

1: The traffic is Unique. The leads I receive from it are not shared with other traffic authority members. Solo Ad vendors sell their subscibers to other online marketers who are also building their email marketing lists. The leads being sold are likely on 100's of lists so engagement is low.

2: Better open rates. I have noticed that my open and click through rates with Traffic Authority leads are much better than Solo Ad leads. This is likely due to the uniqueness of the leads compared to Solo Ads.

3: Higher Optin rates: Whilst running my traffic authority campaigns I have received a 40-45% Optin rate versus a 20-25% Optin rate with Solo Ad leads.

4: Less Unsubscribes. I have also noticed that my unsubscribe rate is lower from Traffic Authority leads versus Solo Ad leads. On a Solo Ad leads run I typically get 20-35% unsubscibe over a 10 day period versus 5-10% from Traffic Authority leads.

5: Less complaints: On a Traffic Authority leads run I have never received any complaints, whereas on Solo Ad leads runs, I usually get one or two complaints per run. Usually in the form of a nasty email. From what I can work out, some Solo Ad leads vendors must be subscribing their subscribers to my list without their knowledge. I don't know if this is the same for all Solo Ad leads vendors. This might also explain the higher unsubscibe rate of Solo Ad leads.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

If you would like to give the Traffic Authority packages a try then you can do so by clicking on the link below.

Traffic Authority Leads Packages

If you are interested in joining Traffic Authority as an affiliate and earning commissions then click on the image below.

Thank you and have a great day

Matt Haskins

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