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How exactly does a betting exchange work?

> Intro

A lot of gamblers are still residing in the ‘dark ages' and will
only ever position a bet with a conventional bookmaker.
They either can't be troubled to find out how the exchanges work
or simply do not realize the functions and value that can be had
when betting within an exchange environment.
Think me, utilizing a betting exchange is really easy, and if you
are not currently utilizing a minimum of one exchange you ought to join one
instantly after reading this article …

I'm not saying that a betting exchange should be utilized for all
your betting. There will still be events when a standard
bookmaker will use better odds than those that are
readily available on the exchanges. However, in the bulk of cases,
you will find much better odds on the exchanges and additionally,
there are other extremely important functions that just the betting
exchanges offer. More on this later …

— > So What Is A Betting Exchange?

Put really simply, betting exchanges are a secure location where
members of the betting public can exchange bets with each
other anonymously, at odds that they define themselves. The
exchange business just act as the middleman and match
peoples bets.

As there are no bookie margins to factor in, prices are really
typically preferred. The betting exchange companies make their
cash by taking a commission payment on your winning bets. This
is usually in the area of 3 – 5%, however even taking this into
account, it's really typical to discover better prices on the exchange.

The cumulative impact of better prices when integrated with a great
staking plan, can make the difference between you generating a
healthy revenue or a bad loss. Using an exchange does not mean
you will automatically win more regularly! You still have to
find good value winning bets yourself or via a professional
tipster however it's the impact of getting a much better return on your
winning bets that will enhance your betting bank and protect you.
during losing streaks.

Most people utilize the betting exchanges on the internet, however you.
can also position bets on the telephone.

— > Betting Exchange Advantages.

As well as regularly discovering better prices when backing a
selection, exchanges likewise offer the bettor some other very
crucial advantages over conventional bookmakers.

— > A few of the crucial advantages are:

1) The ability to LAY a choice if you think it will not win.
2) The ability to BACK or LAY a selection to be PUT. (This.
is very different to the well known Each Way bet provided by.
bookmakers and can be really effective).
This can offer you numerous advantages and opens the door to new.
approaches that might secure you more profits.
4) If you are extremely effective, you will not have the exchange.
company threatening to shut your account down.
5) The capability to TRADE on cost movements in betting occasions
to guarantee yourself a profit despite the outcome.
6) Arbitrage Opportunities. Bookie and exchange price.
inconsistencies often permit you to take a NO DANGER bet.
Those are some of the essential benefits of utilizing a betting exchange.
Now, lets concentrate on point 1.

LAYING a selection to Lose.

— > LAYING to Lose– A Major Advantage Of The Betting Exchanges.
Probably the most important function of a betting exchange is
the capability to LAY a selection. However, what does laying a
selection indicate?

Laying a choice is typically referred to as Playing the role.
of a bookmaker. Like a bookie, you offer a price against a
selection/event happening (eg. a certain horse to win a race
or a football match ending as a draw). You just do this if in
your opinion there is a terrific opportunity that the horse won't win
or the football match will not end as a draw. The betting
exchanges merely match your lay bets with other customers who
believe the opposite of you (eg they think the horse will win or
the match will end as a draw).

— > Lay Liabilities.

The odds that you use figure out just how much cash you will require
to ‘pay' if the selection actually wins (similar to the
bookie does when you have a winning bet with them). So if you
were to place a lay bet of ₤10 at 5.0 (4/1) against a choice,
you would be liable to pay out ₤ 40 from your account if that
choice won (The other punter gets their ₤10 back plus ₤40
profit). If nevertheless, the choice does lose you get to keep
the ₤ 10 staked by the other punter (similar to the bookies have
made with all your losing bets all these years!).
It's as simple as that.

Now, you might be thinking ‘excellent, I'll simply lay all the rank
outsiders and tidy up'. STOP! Do not even decrease this path.
If you keep positioning lay bets on choices trading with very
high odds (eg 50/1), you will win frequently but when 1 of them
precedes you will most likely wipe out all your profits and
more! A single ₤10 lay bet at 50/1 would see you responsible for
paying ₤500 needs to the choice win!

Therefore, I strongly advise that you choose a sensible
upper limit for lay odds and adhere to it no matter what. Just
think of how many favourites get turned over in horse races
every day of the year that are perhaps offered to lay at really
brief odds like 1.5 (1/2). Your liability on a ₤ 10 lay bet at
these odds is only ₤5, or ₤50 on a ₤100 lay bet. I like to keep
my lay bets at odds listed below 4.0 (3/1) but that's simply my own
personal option but it gives you something to go on.

— > Versatile Odds/ Placing an Order.

The odds you offer certainly require to be practical in order to
be matched, but if you are not happy with the current rate
being asked for by other punters you can merely put an
‘ order' in the exchange at your odds and hope that somebody
eventually accepts your offer. (eg you might feel that the existing
price of 3.0 (2/1) is too expensive a rate to lay a particular
selection, so provide a lay bet at 2.75 (7/4) instead). If you are
lucky the cost might well be matched. If the event begins without
your lay bet being matched, your bet is simply canceled so you
gain/lose nothing.

— > Summary.

Lay Betting may sound very complicated to the exchange newbie,
however, believe me, it soon becomes very straightforward and you will
find yourself laying selections much more frequently than you
think. Let's be sincere, it must be simpler to pick a horse you
feel will certainly lose in an average 12 runner race, than
discover the single winner!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

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